Humanism is a positive way of life based on reason and experience. Humanists believe in the natural not the supernatural.

Devon Humanists aim to support and represent Humanists in Devon and to promote Humanism throughout the county. We advocate secularism in civil affairs and in education; we support the teaching of Humanism in schools. Humanist ceremonies are preferred by many who are looking for a non-religious celebration of life's rites of passage.

Devon Humanists are now a virtual organisation. If you are interested in Humanism and live in Devon, please register with this site and we will be in touch to let you know what is happening and how you can meet other Humanists.


 Maryam Namazie













 Maryam Namazie: Human Rights, Apostasy, and Islamism 


AHS Event at Exeter University open to all  on Nov 25th at 19:00 -

Queens LT2
Stocker Road, EX4 4PT Exeter, Devon

Maryam Namazie is a human rights activist, commentator, broadcaster and a Central Committee member of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran.

She has done a great deal of work with refugees in Sudan and Turkey, founded and run several human rights organisations, led campaigns against religious extremism and stoning, and fought for women's rights in Iran.